The Band

Bjarne Kristensen – Lead vocal, guitar 
Steen Jørgensen – Mandolin, vocals
Nils Bro-Müller Lead guitar, harp, banjo, pedalsteel, dobro vocals 
Rene Mollerup – Bass, vocals 
Søren Thorup – Drums, vocals

You can call it Americana, alt. country, country, folk, rock or just music , we don´t care. We play the music we like and we play it from our hearts. We make our own music and we play music written by others. We have known each other for decades, and it is 10 years ago now, that we formed TWD.

Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Bellman, The Byrds, The Beatles, Stones, Walkabouts, REM, Randy Newman, Jimi Hendrix, Woody Guthrie, Jack Kerouac, Chuck Berry, JJ Cale, Peter Green, Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, John Hiatt, Nirvana, Lucinda Williams, Patti Smith, Pretenders, Tom Waits, Paul Auster, Beach Boys, Ry Cooder, The Eagles, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, The Band, Joni Mitchell, Hank Williams, Velvet Underground, and many more.